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Palin Once Again Shows Her Dedication To Principles Above Self

At the very moment when Governor Palin appears to be under consideration for a cabinet post, when many politicians would lie  low or kow tow or like Romney make a spectacle of their back tracking on the  most venomous attacks on Trump Governor Palin shows, yet again, she places principles above self.

In an article Palin raises legitimate concerns over the Carrier deal which saved up to 1000 jobs, which result she praises. She balances this by expressing her deep commitment to market forces as the absolute driver of American prosperity and warns that a general deviation from that course will eventually lead to economic failure.

Whether or not Palin receives a cabinet post it is clear that her moral compass and dedication to American workers prosperity and stability comes before any thought of self. Palin is, and will remain a deeply valued voice for ethics, morality truth and the correct economic path

Here is Governor Palin's article and a video where she sets out her philosophy

Sarah Palin: But… Wait… The Good Guys Won’t Win With More Crony Capitalism 
I am ecstatic for Carrier employees! Their bosses just decided to keep shop onshore. What a relief for hundreds of workers. Merry Christmas Indiana!
Foundational to our exceptional nation’s sacred private property rights, a business must have freedom to locate where it wishes. In a free market, if a business makes a mistake (including a marketing mistake that perhaps Carrier executives made), threatening to move elsewhere claiming efficiency’s sake, then the market’s invisible hand punishes. Thankfully, that same hand rewards, based on good business decisions.
But this time-tested truth assumes we’re operating on a level playing field.
When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent. Meanwhile, the invisible hand that best orchestrates a free people’s free enterprise system gets amputated. Then, special interests creep in and manipulate markets. Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.
Politicians picking and choosing recipients of corporate welfare is railed against by fiscal conservatives, for it’s a hallmark of corruption. And socialism. The Obama Administration dealt in it in spades. Recall Solyndra, Stimulus boondoggles, and all their other taxpayer-subsidized anchors on our economy. A $20 trillion debt-ridden country can’t afford this sinfully stupid practice, so vigilantly guard against its continuance, or we’re doomed.
Reaganites learned it is POLICY change that changes economic trajectory. Reagan’s successes were built on establishing a fiscal framework that invigorated our entire economy, revitalized growth and investment while decreasing spending, tax rates, over-reaching regulations, unemployment, and favoritism via individual subsidies. We need Reaganites in the new Administration.
However well meaning, burdensome federal government imposition is never the solution. Never. Not in our homes, not in our schools, not in churches, not in businesses.
Gotta’ have faith the Trump team knows all this. And I’ll be the first to acknowledge concerns over a deal cut by leveraging taxpayer interests to make a manufacturer stay put are unfounded – once terms are made public.
But know that fundamentally, political intrusion using a stick or carrot to bribe or force one individual business to do what politicians insist, versus establishing policy incentivizing our ENTIRE ethical economic engine to roar back to life, isn’t the answer. Cajole only chosen ones on Main St or Wall St and watch lines stretch from Washington to Alaska full of businesses threatening to bail unless taxpayers pony up. The lines strangle competition and really, really, dispiritingly screw with workers’ lives. It’s beyond unacceptable, so let’s anticipate equal incentivizes and positive reform all across the field – to make the economy great again.
-Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin at Restoring America in Indianola

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'Panic in Progressive Park' -- What If Trump Is Actually Good?

If Orwell Had Written '1984' (The Two Minute Hate) With Donald Trump In Mind


The left has gone crazy, lashing out in their portends of defeat at their “2 minute hate figure-Donald Trump. Really, it is astounding, dumbfounding actually, that even after the election is over the greater the number of near hysterical anti-Trump tweets from “progressives.” and MSM hate articles/TV continues. It seems the Liberals have gone collectively mad.  diminished figure”. Trump makes a statement or tweet or an appointment and they all explode. 

He controls their minds — in a manner unseen in political life previously. Their rage and despair over  Hillary's electoral defeat, the final end of the “hopey changey” stuff, drenches their Tweets with bitter salt tears and in their hapless hopeless fury they lash out at their hate figure. George Orwell summed up the heart of the “progressive” left in his ‘1984″ satire. Were he alive today he very much could have substituted his ‘Emmanuel Goldstein” hate figure for Donald Trump with total validity-as per this partial rewrite (with utter deference to the master)

Two Minutes Hate


If Orwell Had Written ‘1984’ With Trump In Mind

It was nearly eleven hundred, and in the Records Department, where Winston worked, they were dragging the chairs out of the cubicles and grouping them in the center of the hall opposite the big telescreen, in preparation for the Two Minutes Hate.
The next moment a hideous, grinding speech, as of some monstrous machine running without oil, burst from the big telescreen at the end of the room. It was a noise that set one’s teeth on edge and bristled the hair at the back of one’s neck. The Hate had started.
As usual, the face of Donald Trump, the Enemy of the Democratic Party and the Main Stream Media and especially leftist bloggers, had flashed on to the screen. There were hisses here and there among the audience. A little red-haired woman journalist gave a squeak of mingled fear and disgust. Trump was the renegade, the leading figure of the Republican Party, almost on a level with the near mythological figure “Reagan”, and had engaged in counter-liberal activities, had been condemned to irrelevancy, but had mysteriously escaped from liberal media attacks and gained a mass following. 

The programmes of the Two Minutes Hate varied from day to day, but there was none in which Trump was not the principal figure. He was the primal enemy, the defiler of the Party’s plans . All subsequent crimes against the Party, all treacheries, acts of sabotage, heresies, deviations, sprang directly out of his teaching. He was still active and hatching his conspiracies: perhaps under the protection of secret paymasters, perhaps even — so it was occasionally rumoured, the mysterious Koch brothers and Wall Street.
The diaphragms of all liberals in the room, especially Winston’s were constricted. He could never see the face of Trump without a painful mixture of emotions. It was a large face, with a great mass of blond hair — a clever face, and yet somehow, to the now maddened Dem’s somehow despicable. Trump was delivering his usual venomous attack upon the doctrines of the Party enough to fill one with an alarmed feeling. He was abusing Big Obama, he was denouncing the big government policies of the Party, he was advocating freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, freedom of assembly, freedom of thought, He was crying that the principles of the revolution had been betrayed.
1984-Two-Minutes-Hate-02-500Before the Hate had proceeded for thirty seconds, uncontrollable exclamations of rage were breaking out from half the people in the room. The face on the screen, and the terrifying power of the Tea Party army behind it, were too much to be borne: besides, the sight or even the thought of Trump produced fear and anger automatically. He was an object of hatred more constant than either Bush or Cheney. But what was strange was that although Trump was hated and despised by everybody on the left, although every day and a thousand times a day, on platforms, on the telescreen, in newspapers, in books, his theories were refuted, smashed, ridiculed, in spite of all this, his influence never seemed to grow less.
In its second minute the Hate rose to a frenzy. People were leaping up and down in their places and shouting at the tops of their voices in an effort to drown the maddening voice that came from the screen. The little red-haired woman had turned bright pink, and her mouth was opening and shutting like that of a landed fish.  A dark-haired girl behind Winston had begun crying out ‘Swine! Swine! Swine!’ and suddenly she picked up a heavy Democratic Party talking points memo book and flung it at the screen. It struck Trump’s nose and bounced off; the voice continued inexorably. In a lucid moment Winston found that he was shouting with the others and kicking his heel violently against the rung of his chair.
The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but, on the contrary, that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretense was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge-hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.
Thus, at one moment Winston’s hatred was not turned against Trump at all, but, on the contrary, against Big Obama, Hillary, the Democratic Party, and the Media spin doctors; and at such moments his heart went out to the derided heretic on the screen, sole guardian of truth and sanity in a world of lies
Then the face of Donald Trump faded away again, and instead the slogan of the liberal elite stood out in bold capitals:


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Arrogant pomposity; Tell this to the 1000 Carrier employees;

Trump's Disastrous Pledge to Keep Jobs in the U.S.


VIDEO : Gutfeld BLASTS TimKaine for Calling for GUN CONTROL After Ohio State KNIFE Attack


Trump’s Path to Mount Rushmore
Smart energy policy could give the next President his best prospect for spurring growth in manufacturing jobs—and thus delivering on the promises his voters think matter most.

The Media, Still Throwing a Fit Over Trump

The news media, in the aftermath of their self-perceived failure to prevent a Donald Trump
 presidential victory, are throwing a temper tantrum.


Perceptive from the left-but as he says there's nothing to be done as the media are so dumb

It’s all too easy for Trump to set the media a-twitter

The sight of a president-elect stirring things up on social media is novel. But it’s a shame it’s so easy to set the press off on a wild goose chase

Palin Rumored For Cabinet; Media Goes Berserk-Here's 60!! Articles (So Far)

Just the mention of Sarah Palin's name sends the media, especially the leftist blogs into a frenzy, it's like a crazed spectacle of hate which is of course immensely enjoyable for the rest of us sane folks.

Apart from the main articles the comments section ran into the thousands as did Tweets on Twitter in the tens of thousands-and that's just so far. It's basically a Pavlovian dogs experiment brought up to date.

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Sarah Palin loves Veterans and is the mother of one. She also proved as governor and mayor to be a superb manager. Perfect to run the VA.


Trump may consider Sarah Palin for VA secretary, source tells NBC

CNBC - ‎10 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin is interested in becoming Veterans Affairs secretary and may be considered for the position, a source close to the former Alaska governor told NBC News. President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has been in touch with Palin, raising ...

Sarah Palin tipped for Donald Trump's cabinet and could return to frontline politics after seven year hiatus - ‎8 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin may soon return to government after a seven year hiatus, as she emerged on Wednesday as a candidate to join Donald Trump's cabinet. Mrs Palin, the 2008 vice-presidential nominee, still has a large following among Tea Party Republicans, but ...

Sarah Palin Is Reportedly Under Consideration for Secretary of Veteran Affairs - ‎2 hours ago‎
Just last week, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made comments that suggested Palinwasn't under consideration. "I know that they're close and that she's been a great, loyal friend and adviser to him throughout the campaign, but I haven't seen ...

Please do not let Sarah Palin within ten feet of the VA.

New Republic - ‎7 hours ago‎
There isn't a single reason for Donald Trump to consider her appointment for longer than a half-second. But he does value loyalty, and that favors Palin. Perhaps sensing a kindred spirit, she endorsed him in January and campaigned for him until his ...

Donald Trump 'considering' Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs Secretary, a sensitive cabinet post

The Independent - ‎10 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential candidate and one-time Governor of Alaska, is reported to be under consideration to join the cabinet of President-elect Donald Trump as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The notion that Ms Palin might lead one of ...

Trump reportedly considering Sarah Palin for head of Veterans Affairs

Business Insider - ‎10 hours ago‎
Trump Palin Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, left, endorses Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a rally at the Iowa State University, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, in Ames, Iowa. Mary Altaffer/AP. President-elect Donald Trump is considering ...

Sarah Palin Under Consideration for VA Secretary

WABC-TV - ‎9 hours ago‎
Palin's son-in-law, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, posted a SarahPAC video to his Facebook page earlier this week that heavily focuses on her work with veterans and her specific connection to the community. Her eldest son, Track, is a veteran ...

Sarah Palin Expresses Interest In Trump Administration Job - ‎8 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin has been in touch with Trump transition officials about a role with the incoming administration, according to sources close to the former Alaska governor. While there is no confirmation what specific position she might be interested in, her ...

Sarah Palin is in the running to run Veterans Affairs for Trump

Daily Mail - ‎9 hours ago‎
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's name is being floated to take over the troubled Veterans Affairs administration. Palin's name surfaced in a report by ABC News after the 'drill, baby, drill' 2008 vice presidential candidate was earlier mentioned as ...

Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs? A Wrestling Impresario for Small Business?

New York Times - ‎8 hours ago‎
Now, according to people close to the transition, Mr. Trump is thinking of taking Veterans Affairs in a new direction, handing its reins to former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. Given Mr. Trump's passionate campaign pledges to the nation's veterans, the ...

Sarah Palin said to be mulled by Trump for VA secretary

Chicago Tribune - ‎3 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin with a post on her public Facebook account appeared Wednesday to confirm a report that she's under consideration by President-elect Donald Trump to become secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The post included a highly stylized ...

Sarah Palin seems to really want to be next VA chief

USA TODAY - ‎6 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin is openly lobbying to be head of Veteran Affairs in the Trump Administration. In a post on Facebook the former Alaska governor raved about Donald Trump, linked to an ABC story that she was being considered for the post and included a ...

Report: Trump considering Sarah Palin to lead an agency he often criticized on the campaign trail - ‎10 hours ago‎
Report: Trump considering Sarah Palin to lead an agency he often criticized on the campaignSarah Palin speaks prior to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's arrival to speak during the opening session of the Western Conservative Summit on ...

Sarah Palin Would Be The First Non-Veteran To Run The VA

Task & Purpose - ‎8 hours ago‎
Palin would be the first secretary of the VA since it became a cabinet-level agency in 1989 to have never served in the armed forces. She does, however, come from a military family. Her oldest son, Track, served in the Alaska National Guard with the ...

Will Trump Insult Veterans by Sending Sarah Palin to the VA?

New York Magazine - ‎6 hours ago‎
More to the point, Palin has no obvious qualifications for the Veterans Affairs job. If appointed and confirmed, she would be the first non-veteran to head VA. Yes, she is the mother of a veteran: Her son Track did a tour of duty in Iraq. But it's ...

Palin under consideration to head Veterans Affairs: report

The Hill - ‎11 hours ago‎
Palin posted the ABC News article saying she was under consideration for the VA position to her Facebook page on Wednesday. She also shared a post from her son-in-law, Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient, that touted her support for the country's ...

Sarah Palin's name floated for secretary of Veterans Affairs

Alaska Dispatch News - ‎7 hours ago‎
The video, which bears the name of Palin's fundraising arm, SarahPAC, shows Palin speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2015. "We can't wait for D.C. to fix their bureaucratic blunders. This bureaucracy is killing our vets," Palin ...

Donald Trump Is Reportedly Considering Sarah Palin To Head The Department Of Veterans Affairs

UPROXX - ‎2 hours ago‎
Donald Trump's still busily filling up his cabinet. His recent selections haven't included high-profile names, but it's time to make up for lost time with a big one. According to both a Trump transition official and a Sarah Palin aide, the former ...

Trump considering Palin for secretary of veterans affairs: report

New York Daily News - ‎9 hours ago‎
President-elect Donald Trump is considering naming Sarah Palin his secretary of veterans affairs, ABC News reported Wednesday. A spokeswoman for Trump's transition team did not immediately respond to questions about Palin. The former Alaska governor ...

US Veterans May Be Screwed As Trump Eyes Sarah Palin To Head Veterans Affairs

PoliticusUSA - ‎9 hours ago‎
Concerns were raised that Palin didn't know enough about policy to run the Interior Department. Let's face it; Palin has never had an energy policy outside of repeating drill, baby drill at rallies and speeches. If there were worries that Palin knew ...

Cabinet Watch: Sarah Palin Eyed As VA Secretary

Townhall - ‎10 hours ago‎
Well, here's some more palace intrigue regarding President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet, Sarah Palin is said to be under consideration to serve as our next Secretary for Veterans Affairs. ABC News' deputy political director Shushannah Walshe said ...

New candidate for VA secretary: Sarah Palin

Hot Air - ‎9 hours ago‎
She's under consideration, a Trump advisor acknowledges, but most of the steam behind the news seems to be coming from Team Palin, not the transition team. Exhibit A: It was a Palin source that nudged NBC about it. A source close to Sarah Palin tells ...

Trump considering Sarah Palin for cabinet position

New York Post - ‎10 hours ago‎
The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee is a contender for Department of Veterans Affairs secretary, ABC reported. Last week Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway suggested Palin wouldn't be joining the administration ...

Could Sarah Palin be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs? - ‎5 hours ago‎
More than ever we have to push our leaders to remember the promises our nation makes to veterans. And I've never met anyone who supports our troops and loves our country more than my mother-in-law, Sarah Palin.” The former Alaska governor shared the ...

ABC: Trump considering Palin to lead Veterans Affairs

AOL News - ‎10 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON, Nov 30 (Reuters) - President-elect Donald Trump is considering former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for secretary of Veterans Affairs, ABC News reported on Wednesday, citing unidentified sources. breaking-news logo. Sign up for Breaking ...

Sarah Palin Could Join Trump Administration as Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Report

The Epoch Times - ‎10 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin might enter the government sector, ABC News and NBC News reported on Wednesday afternoon. Palin, who publicly backed President-elect Donald Trump's campaign bid, could serve as secretary of Veterans Affairs. She endorsed him before ...

Sarah Palin under consideration for veterans affairs secretary

Hindustan Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
Former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs, media reports said. President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has been in touch with Palin, raising the possibility that it could consider her for the ...

The internet gasps in horror after report claims Trump may appoint Sarah Palinto run the VA

Raw Story - ‎10 hours ago‎
Donald Trump repeatedly said throughout the presidential campaign that he would make looking after our veterans his No. 1 priority. And it turns out that the best person to make sure our vets get the care they need could be… former Alaska Gov. Sarah ...

Conservatives React To News That Trump Could Name Sarah Palin To This Cabinet Post

Western Journalism - ‎5 hours ago‎
News outlets and social media feeds were buzzing Wednesday with word that Palin could be President-elect Donald Trump's choice to head the country's Department of Veterans Affairs, a move that would put one of the nation's most recognizable faces at ...

Sarah Palin tipped for role as veterans' affairs secretary

International Business Times UK - ‎4 hours ago‎
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is reportedly being considered for the role of secretary of veterans' affairs. Palin has been tipped to be a member of Trump's cabinet since he won the election, and was at one point during the campaign rumoured to be ...

Sarah Palin under consideration for veterans affairs secretary

Hindustan Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
Former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs, media reports said. President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has been in touch with Palin, raising the possibility that it could consider her for the ...

Sarah Palin tipped for role as veterans' affairs secretary

International Business Times UK - ‎4 hours ago‎
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is reportedly being considered for the role of secretary of veterans' affairs. Palin has been tipped to be a member of Trump's cabinet since he won the election, and was at one point during the campaign rumoured to be ...

Sarah Palin Is Actually Being Considered To Head Up Veterans Affairs, And Yes, This Is Real Life — REPORT

Bustle - ‎9 hours ago‎
Former vice presidential candidate and Republican darling Sarah Palin may run the Department of Veterans Affairs under the Trump administration, according to a new report by ABC News. The former governor of Alaska has been a fervent supporter of ...

Sarah Palin is being considered for Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Death and Taxes - ‎3 hours ago‎
Trump's transition team is looking at former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as a possible candidate for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, according to ABC News. The former vice presidential candidate brought out her patented brand of incomprehensible word ...

ABC News: Sarah Palin is under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs position in Cabinet

The Denver Channel - ‎8 hours ago‎
An ABC News report says former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is under consideration to run Veterans Affairs in the Donald Trump administration. Palin's name had previously been floated as being under consideration for the ...

Donald Trump in Talks to Pick Democrats' Worst Nightmare for Cabinet Position--Sarah Palin: ABC Reports

Independent Journal Review - ‎8 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin. The former Alaskan governor has been a legend since she hit the national stage; quite literally, because many remember her as the Tina Fey-portrayed parody who actually believes she can see Russia from her living room (an urban legend).

Trump Might Pick Sarah Palin To Lead The VA And Social Media's Response Is Priceless

PoliticusUSA - ‎2 hours ago‎
Trump Might Pick Sarah Palin To Lead The VA And Social Media's Response Is Priceless. By Sean Colarossi on Wed, Nov 30th, 2016 at 9:59 pm. We laugh, but leading the Department of Veterans Affairs – the government's largest agency – is serious ...

Sarah Palin Under Consideration For Major Appointment In Trump Administration

Western Journalism - ‎9 hours ago‎
It's also rumored that Palin is a potential candidate for Trump's interior secretary. “I'm not going to comment on that. I have an answer, but I'm not going to share it,” said Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., when asked about the possibility of Palin being ...

What Cabinet Position Might Sarah Palin Get? She's Open To An Offer

Romper - ‎7 hours ago‎
President-elect Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail to "drain the swamp," but now that rumors are circulating about a Cabinet position for Sarah Palin, it seems like the Trump transition team is merely skimming the swamp. Of course, nothing is ...

Trump considering Palin to lead Veterans Affairs

Politico (blog) - ‎10 hours ago‎
Donald Trump is considering tapping former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as his secretary of Veterans Affairs, according to two Trump transition sources. Palin was an early endorser of Trump, throwing her support to him before the Iowa ...

Trump considering Palin to lead Veterans Affairs: ABC

Reuters - ‎10 hours ago‎
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (L) points to U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) as she speaks after endorsing him for President at a rally at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa January 19, 2016. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich/File Photo.

Sarah Palin a big contender for VA post

Boston Herald - ‎39 minutes ago‎
Sarah Palin has emerged as a strong last-minute candidate for secretary of Veterans Affairs, reportedly with the backing of President-elect Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, in a race for the coveted post that Scott Brown is also fighting for.

Noted Non-Veteran Sarah Palin May Be Next Veterans Affairs Director

NewNowNext - ‎2 hours ago‎
In the clip, Palin goes on to promote more job training, better health care and secured benefits for veterans, before bashing President Obama. “Stop blaming the victim and wake up, Mr. President,” she declares. “While Christians bow our heads to pray ...

Trump Needs To Take The VA Secretary Job Seriously

National Review Online - ‎7 hours ago‎
Characteristically, there have been a number of names floated – Sarah Palin, Scott Brown, retiring Florida Congressman Jeff Miller (presently the chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs). Interestingly, Brown (who spent 32 years in the ...

Trump May Appoint Sarah Palin To Run The VA

Opposing Views - ‎3 hours ago‎
President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly considering Sarah Palin to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. An unidentified aide to Palin told ABC News that the former half-term governor of Alaska told Trump's transition team: "I feel as though the ...

Sarah Palin in top consideration for major Donald Trump cabinet position, ABC News reports

Blasting News - ‎10 hours ago‎
When Sarah Palin came onto the national political scene, she was instantly greeted as a savior to conservatives on the far-right. Not long after she was selected as Sen. John McCain's running mate in 2008, she was quickly exposed for her ignorance on ...

Sarah Palin publicly lobbying for Secretary of Veterans Affairs job, praises Donald Trump

Blasting News - ‎4 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin became one of the first high-profiled Republicans to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president. In the 10 months that followed, Palin would appear, from time to time, with the billionaire real estate mogul on the campaign trail. Palin ...

Sarah Palin, a possible Interior chief, has fought its mission in the past

The Herald - ‎Nov 29, 2016‎
Palin took on Interior when the George W. Bush administration wanted to extend endangered species protection to the polar bear after various federal studies concluded that global warming was harming the animals' habitat. The Arctic Sea ice was ...

Trump considers Palin for cabinet position - report

Radio New Zealand - ‎8 hours ago‎
US President-elect Donald Trump is considering former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, reports ABC News. The American news broadcaster said it had been told of the potential appointment by an aide to Mrs Palin as well as a ...

ABC News: Palin Under Consideration for Veteran Affairs Secretary

Newsmax - ‎9 hours ago‎
And the adviser suggested veterans affairs would be a perfect fit for her. "Sarah Palin has been an advocate for veterans throughout her entire career and knows we owe a debt of gratitude to past and present service members for protecting the freedom ...

Palin to lead Veterans Affairs? - ‎7 hours ago‎
There are also reports that former Alaska Governer Sarah Palin is angling for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Palin son-in-law Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient married to daughter Bristol, posted his appeal on Facebook, including a video that ...

Palin for VA? She seems eager

KTOO - ‎1 hour ago‎
Sarah Palin is vying for the job. Several news outlets, including ABC, NBC and the New York Times, report Palin is interested in running the Department of Veterans Affairs and is under consideration. The news accounts cite unnamed aides close to Palin ...

Trump considers Palin for Veterans Affairs

Sky News Australia - ‎5 hours ago‎
US network ABC is reporting Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin for secretary of Veterans Affairs. President-elect Donald Trump is considering former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for secretary of Veterans Affairs, ABC News reports, citing ...

Report: Palin Wants To Be Considered For Trump's Cabinet. Here's Where.

Daily Caller - ‎9 hours ago‎
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is reportedly interested in becoming the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs for the Trump administration. A source close to Palin spoke to NBC News and stated that Palin has expressed interest in the ...

Palin Seems Eager To Win A Spot In Trump's Cabinet

Newsy - ‎2 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin was one of the first high-profile politicians to endorse now President-elect Donald Trump. And like a number of people who remained loyal to him during the campaign, Palin is apparently being considered for a Cabinet position. The former ...

Trump Reportedly Considering Palin For VA Secretary

Opposing Views - ‎5 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin is reportedly in the running to be the next secretary of Veterans Affairs for Donald Trump's administration. A top Palin aide and a Trump transition team member both reportedly told ABC News on November 30 that the former Alaska governor is ...

Trump to pick Palin for Secretary of the VA?

WEBCommentary - ‎42 minutes ago‎
Trump is considering Sarah Palin for Secretary of the VA. Palin isn't qualified. Of course, Trump isn't exactly qualified to be POTUS. They both support the use of torture. Neither one is qualified to lead F Troop. If Trump is going to pick somebody ...

NYPD Release Video of Man Stealing Bucket Containing $1.6M in Gold

KABC - ‎12 hours ago‎
Former Alaska governor, Republican vice-presidential nominee and seemingly the never-ending butt of jokes and parodies from left-leaning comedians Sarah Palin may be landing a big job in the incoming Trump administration. ABC News reports she is a ...

Trump's cabinet picks

Danbury News Times - ‎17 hours ago‎
Sarah Palin- Trump is reportedly considering Palin for secretary of the interior. The former Alaska governor gained national prominence as the republican vice presidential candidate in 2008. As energy secretary, she would likely promote domestic oil ...

Oil Executives, Pro-Development Financiers and Sarah Palin in the ...

Truth-Out-13 hours ago
Sarah Palin: The former Alaska governor might be a long shot for Interior, but the presence of her name on the list is attracting mega-attention ...
Story image for sarah palin from The Independent

Sarah Palin insists god intervened in the US election and helped ...

The Independent-16 hours ago
Sarah Palin has insisted God intervened in the US election and Donald Trump's victory was partially prompted by people praying to God that ...
Story image for sarah palin from The Sun Herald

Sarah Palin, a possible Interior chief, has fought its mission in the past

The Sun Herald-29/11/2016
Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced Tuesday her support for presidential candidate Donald Trump. She said Trump's ...
Story image for sarah palin from Center for Responsive Politics

Oilmen, pro-development financiers and Sarah Palin in the queue ...

Center for Responsive Politics-28/11/2016
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been mentioned as a possible Interior Secretary. But pretty much all the names floating around for that ...
Story image for sarah palin from Breitbart News

Sarah Palin: 'Grateful to See the Church Step Up' for Donald Trump ...

Breitbart News-25/11/2016
Sarah Palin: 'Grateful to See the Church Step Up' for Donald Trump Because 'Eight Years Ago, I Felt They Didn't'.
Steve Bannon's First Pick For President
Highly Cited-POLITICO Magazine-25/11/2016
Story image for sarah palin from Huffington Post

This Clip Of Sarah Palin Totally Botching A Turkey Pardon Will Make ...

Huffington Post-23/11/2016
Sarah Palin (R) managed to tear the mask (or head?) off the whole charade. We'll call it the greatest turkey-related disaster in the history of ...
Story image for sarah palin from Environmental Working Group

Trump May Hand Sarah Palin Keys to Nation's Public Lands, Wildlife

Environmental Working Group-16/11/2016
During her failed bid for vice president in 2008, that was Sarah Palin'scrowd-pleasing chant promoting her energy policy. Now the pithy ...
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is often mentioned as a possible ...
Environment & Energy Publishing-16/11/2016
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NEW: Sarah Palin under consideration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, sources tell News. -
via ABC News:
Sarah Palin is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs, a close Palin aide and a top Donald Trump transition official tell ABC News.
The Palin aide tells ABC News that in “recent days,” Palin told Trump transition officials: "I feel as though the megaphone I have been provided can be used in a productive and positive way to help those desperately in need.”
The VA is the largest government agency with over 300,000 federal employees and a budget of $182 billion for 2017.
The former GOP vice-presidential nominee has not been to Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect, but she was one of his earliest and most high-profile endorsers. The Palin aide says Palin has had discussions with the transition team, and the top transition official confirms this. (ABC News)

via Politico:
Donald Trump is considering tapping former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as his secretary of Veterans Affairs, according to two Trump transition sources.
Palin was an early endorser of Trump, throwing her support to him before the Iowa caucuses, making her one of his highest profile backers at the time. “Are you ready for the leader to make America great again?” she said then.
Palin, who, like Trump, has been a lightning rod for liberal criticism, campaigned for Trump through the campaign’s final days, including in Michigan.
Among her chief competitors for the Veterans Affairs post, according to one transition source, is former Sen. Scott Brown, another relatively early Trump backer, who visited the president-elect in Trump Tower earlier this month.
Palin has previously been linked to a possible spot as head of the Department of the Interior, including on an early document that was circulated among transition officials.
Steve Bannon, who will serve as Trump’s chief strategist in the White House, has been among Palin’s cheerleaders for years, featuring her in a 2011 documentary called The Undefeated. (Politico)

via CNBC:
Sarah Palin is interested in becoming Veterans Affairs secretary and may be considered for the position, a source close to the former Alaska governor told NBC News.
President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has been in touch with Palin, raising the possibility that it could consider her for the post, the source told NBC.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has faced accusations of mismanagement and inefficiency, particularly after long wait times were discovered at some veterans’ health facilities.
On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly pledged to take better care of veterans if he won the presidency. (CNBC)