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Small Town Local Paper Columnist Meets Palin In Iowa-Heart Warming Story From Heartland

A heart warming story which reflects grandly on the Governor-her heart and her spirit , the journalist (who doesn't even have his name on his own column !), small town America,  the endlessly tirelessly dedicated Peter Singleton and the O4P team.  Here is the report  from  a columnists for the Creston News Advertiser in Iowa-exactly the heartland publication the east/west coast bastions would  look down on as from "fly over country' but which can propel Palin  into the White House.


Meeting Sarah Palin (link)

As some of you might recall, my first column featured Sarah Palin. I wrote a piece featuring her resumé and highlighting a few of her accomplishments. That column attracted the attention of Myrna Beeber a regional manager for Organize4Palin, a grassroots database of volunteers building connections and ready to campaign if Palin runs for president. Myrna contacted the Organize4Palin Iowa Coordinator Peter Singleton and set up lunch between the three of us.

We dined at A&G Steakhouse and had a compelling conversation regarding the former governor and the organization they represented. Only a few weeks after our lunch did I receive an email from Peter inviting me and a guest of my choice to the world premiere of “The Undefeated,” a film featuring Palin’s rise to the national stage.
The debut screened Tuesday at the Pella Opera House, a true historical landmark that has been apart of the Dutch town since 1900. I was honored to receive tickets to the exclusive event and was looking forward to being one of the 340 fortunate individuals to see the movie 17 days before it is released nationwide. After the film, a cookout was held in the downtown courtyard.

Little did I know when I first received the invitation that Palin herself would be attending the premiere. Reading the email confirming that she would not only make an appearance but watch the movie and dine with the guests present was a dream come true. The opportunity not only would benefit me, but the Creston News Advertiser, as well. While many reporters from television and print media covered the event, only a select few were allowed to watch the movie, myself included.

After the movie, we had dinner outside in the courtyard under sunny skies. The crowd waited anxiously for her to finish her meal and begin greeting her fans. With the help of Myrna, I squirmed my way through to the front where Palin was being bombarded left and right with requests for her autograph, handshake and or photo.
Palin was signing buttons, books and other memorabilia left and right, at which point I was able to hand her my column that I had written about her. Confused, she looked up for an explanation, a request I was more than happy to oblige. I introduced myself and shook her hand, explaining that I wrote the opinion column for the Creston News Advertiser where I worked at as a staff reporter.

“I wrote about your resume and your accomplishments,” I said. “I tried to set the truth straight, just like your video.”
She looked me in the eyes and thanked me. Palin signed her autograph and wrote “keep the faith” and “thank you” beneath it. I gave her a copy of the column to take with her should she find time to read it.

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Palin's Man In Iowa "Sarah Palin Will Run In 2012" Daily Telegraph (Toby Harnden Report)

An outstanding in-depth analysis from the highly respected Daily Telegraph's reporter Toby Harnden

Peter Singleton, Sarah Palin's man in Iowa. Photo: Wall Street Jornal
Peter Singleton, Sarah Palin's man in Iowa. Photo: Wall Street Journal
Sarah Palin will run for the White House in 2012 and conduct an “unorthodox, grassroots campaign the likes of which you’ve never seen”, according to the man who has spent the past eight months organising for her in Iowa.
Speaking to me after the premiere of the film “The Undefeated” in Pella, Iowa, Peter Singleton, a California lawyer who has been assiduously courting Republicans across the state where the first contest of the 2012 election will be heard, said it was “unthinkable” she would remain on the sidelines.
“She’s the right person at this time,” he said. “If you look back at Churchill’s time, in 1938 Churchill was unelectable, in 1940 he was indispensable.
“I can’t see her sitting this one out,” he said. “The stakes are too high. It goes back to 1940. Can you see Churchill sitting it out? It’s unthinkable. Can you see George Washington in 1776 sitting it out? Unthinkable. He wanted to be back on his farm but they said we need you to be president of the republic.”
Mr Singleton, 56, tall and urbane, is a man of considerable mystery. He represents the national Organize4Palin group and has been ubiquitous in Republicans circles building up a network for the former Alaska governor, whose presidential intentions have kept Americans guessing for months.
Although he was standing about 20 yards away from Mrs Palin as he talked to me, Mr Singleton insisted he had never met or spoken to her.
This stance, which he has maintained assiduously since he began working on organising a Palin 2012 campaign in Iowa last November following a scouting trip four months earlier, is something that some senior Iowa Republicans do not take at face value.

It was Mr Singleton who telephoned Beth Hill, director of the Pella Opera House, last Thursday to ask her whether “The Undefeated”, a full-throated defence of Mrs Palin and her career, could be shown there. He then visited to look at the auditorium and put Stephen Bannon, the film’s director on the phone to speak to her.
“Peter came here and he found our town reflected Sarah Palin’s small town, conservative values,” she said. Mr Singleton was also instrumentalin distributing the 332 tickets for the film as well as inviting 1,000 Iowans, including many key Republican leaders in the state, for a barbecue afterwards.
When I asked about his involvement, Mr Singleton said that he was an old friend of Mr Bannon and he had been just one of ” a bunch of people” who had helped set up the screening.
Seymour Vander Schaff, 70, the theatre pipe organist, who performed before the film, said: “This is a conservative community. Swimming pools weren’t even open on Sunday for many, many years. If you run a lawnmower on a Sunday, you’ll probably have a church member come and ask you whether that is the thing to do.
“They break their damn fool neck trying to get the town to pay bills. They don’t want to have debt. It’s important to get bills paid as quickly as possible and save. The ethic is work hard and provide for your family. Those are values that have huge, long-range implications.
“We’ve lost a bit of them over the years and we need to get it back because we’re at a critical tipping point.  With the debt, we’ve got a damn monster on our hands.”
Asked by a Fox News reporter before the film about whether she would run in 2012, Mrs Palin responded: “It’s a tough decision, it’s a big decision to decide whether to run for office or not. I’m still contemplating….I am still thinking about the decision and you know a lot goes into such a life-changing, relatively earth-shattering type of decision and still thinking about it.”
Earlier in the day, it had been reported that her eldest daughter Bristol had said Mrs Palin had made a decision about whether or not to run. Mrs Palin laughed about this and said: “I texted Bristol, I said, ‘Honey what did you say this morning on some news programme.
“She said, ‘Oh, mom, you’ve got to watch the interview. You know how they take everything out of context.’ I said, ‘You remember Bristol what we talk about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat’. I don’t know what she said.”
After the film, Mrs Palin and her husband Todd were mobbed by hundreds of supporters amid shots of “your record is golden”, when’s the sequel” and “we need you in the White House, Sarah”.

Asked about the movie as she signed autographs and posed for picture, she said that there was “vindication in it” but “beyond the vindication of my record personally and my team’s record it is a wonderful story about American values”.
It went some way, she added, to presenting the reality of her time as Alaska governor and her life. “There are so many false narratives out there about Todd about our kids, about my record, about my team that has worked so hard together that there is never going to be a way to absolutely set the record straight.”
Mr Singleton also spoke about narratives that were incorrect. “The narratives are: she’s not running; she’s about to endorse another candidate;  it’s too late for her to get in; she’s going to run as a celebrity candidate; she’s  got no support here; support is attenuated; she’s yesterday’s news,” he said. “All that is comically inaccurate.”
Mrs Palin, he said, would work to connect with Iowans. “Her support is latent. When she runs, whether she wins or loses will be dependent in part on how well she campaigns.
“It’s not like all she has to do is announce and then do a couple of rallies. It doesn’t work and way and it shouldn’t . She will need to work diligently and campaign. Her people are going to have to campaign in every town and every county. That’s what we’re doing.”
For her part, Mrs Palin told RealClearPolitics that she would commit “110 percent” to the Iowa caucus process if she does run for president.
Mr Singleton predicted Mrs Palin “will have hundreds of thousands of volunteers, 10 times more than any other candidate and I think that’s why she’ll win”.
There was still time, he insisted, for her to enter the race, currently being led by Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. “It’s not too late. Would i like her to be here campaigning? Oh sure. But am i worried that the window has closed? No.
“The race is wide open. She a lot of support. I can tell you that because I’ve got field data. I’m part of a team that’s out there all the time.”
Mr Singleton declined to say how many Palin volunteers there were in Iowa but other Republicans said that there were scores, perhaps more than 100, across the state. In time, he said, he expected that “lots of our volunteers now will fold into her campaign in some capacity”.

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Iowa Television Video Coverage Of Palin's Visit To Pella For Movie Premiere

Here is the link for Des Moines TV KCCi8's video report of Sarah Palin's visit  to Pella Iowa for her movie premiere. If link does not connect Google Kcci TV and try directly.

Channel 13WHO Des Moines joins what what appears to be the first local Iowa media, TV station KCCi8's article on Sarah Palin's upcoming visit to Pella Iowa for the launch of the movie "The Undefeated" at the Pella Opera House, about her time as Governor of Alaska.

Lots of good local color at this link for KCCi

Update: Second Des Moines TV Station Reports On Palin's Pella Movie Premiere

Channel 13WHO Des Moines joins what what appears to be the first local Iowa media, TV station KCCi8's article on Sarah Palin's upcoming visit to Pella Iowa for the launch of the movie "The Undefeated" at the Pella Opera House, about her time as Governor of Alaska.

Lots of good local color at this link for KCCi

Was Goldwater Right? " This country would be better off if we could just saw off the Eastern Seaboard and let it float out to sea"

Just asking.

"Goldwater told a news conference that "sometimes I think this country would be better off if we could just saw off the Eastern Seaboard and let it float out to sea"

Vile Imagery Of Palin And Bachman From "Progressive" Media-Where Are The Feminists?

Here are just some of the images of Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin from the "progressive" liberal media. The Democrats, who are supposed to support women's rights, who are supposed to have a supportive mindset for women, and who are supposed to condemn misogynistic actions, are exposed as utter hypocrites.

Where their so called values are concerned, where the leftist feminists are concerned, if a woman is a conservative, then the most vile depictions and description of them are perfectly OK and are uncommented on.

If these were images of Michele Obama, posted by e.g. Andrew Breitbart, then all hell would break lose from feminists.

Here are images from the so called supporters of female equality on 
the left, and it is no accident they are all east coast based, such as Wonkette, The New York Magazine, Rolling Stone.

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First Local TV Station Report From Pella Iowa On Palin's Visit And Movie KCCi Des Moines

Here is what appears to be the first local Iowa media article on Sarah Palin's upcoming visit to Pella Iowa for the launch of the movie "The Undefeated" at the Pella Opera House, about her time as Governor of Alaska.

Lots of good local color at this link

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Respected Commentator Donna Brazile: "2012 A Slam Dunk For Palin"

Highly respected media commentator (CNN/ABC/NPR) Donna Brazile has a second column up  "Yes, I said Sarah Palin For President" where she continues her analysis of  Sarah Palin's possible path to the presidency 2012 "because one column couldn't cover everything."

Brazile illustrates her column with this striking imagery:

In a long and fact filled review of Palin's prospects Brazile concludes,when reviewing the GOP prospective candidates, " The others are too drab -- in policy, in convictions, in media smarts. They just can't compete with her star power. From here, 2012 looks like a slam-dunk for Sarah Palin."

"Yes, I Said Sarah Palin for President
In my last column, I presented reasons why Sarah Palin should not be dismissed as a presidential hopeful. Because one column alone couldn't cover everything, I offer another cluster of reasons below, starting with an important one: She has time.

Palin can wait until the last possible moment to officially file her intent to run. Others who have already filed or are looking to file need to start developing traction-generating strategies now. However, Palin has both name recognition and the ability to quickly raise the funds needed to pull together a massive organization in the key early states. This media-savvy political professional can decide when it is the right time for her to file.

She voluntarily kept a low profile after her response to the Arizona shootings earlier this year brought her so much negative publicity. Prior to the tragedy, Palin on her website had politically targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' (a victim of the shootings) district and others, using the crosshairs of a rifle sight. She, somewhat gracefully, retired from the public scene for a respectable time before re-emerging at the Rolling Thunder rally in Washington, D.C.

Another reason Palin may get the GOP nod: She can get away with stunts that would sink any other politician. Can you imagine former Gov. Mitt Romney crashing a non-political event for our veterans (Rolling Thunder) for obvious political gain?

When Palin emerged from her self-imposed media blackout, the press folks behaved as if they were starved for her. No other Republican contender can generate her kind of excitement, positive or negative.
A just-released Washington Post/Pew Research Center poll found that almost 4-in-10 Republicans are unhappy with their party's current choices for nominee. Results like these lead to a perceived vacuum that candidates such as Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann feel positioned to fill. Donald Trump felt poised to fill it. He floated his trial balloon only to see it popped in short order.

The Republican Party has taken a significant shift to the political right. I can remember the days when the party was an inclusive organization. But, Republican legends like former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, Sen. Jacob Javits of New York and Clifford Case of New Jersey are gone with history.
Palin certainly doesn't fill that void, but she may be served by it. Of all the people set to cash in if the tea party retains its strength, Palin may be first among them.

Why? Let me explain: Moderate Republicans are in danger of extinction. After the 2008 election, some polls showed the GOP barely had the public's support. So, the party decided to work with this faction. It concentrated on issues that brought them storming to town hall meetings and into the election booth.
Unfortunately for the pragmatists who run the party, they birthed the tea party Republicans. Tea partiers ran in the primaries and won. Now they are strong enough to tell Speaker John Boehner what his limits are. And they do.

They aren't done. Tea party Republicans are fielding candidates against the handful of moderates who remain in the party such as Sens. Richard Lugar of Indiana and Olympia Snowe of Maine.
Tea party Republicans tolerate no dissent from their political orthodoxy. They are out -- successfully, I believe -- to purge the party of all to their left, and even some to their right. Meanwhile, at the heart of the Republican Party, are leaders like Bachmann who are eager to fill the void and who see Palin as a real threat. Ed Rollins, Bachmann's campaign manager (a veteran strategist), took a swipe at Palin this week (then retreated).

Whether we agree with them, when Bachmann and Palin preach -- oops, I mean "campaign" -- you know they believe what they are saying. Both are pretty brunettes who can't help but cut into each other's support because they appeal to the same base. It is from that fractured base that I imagine Palin ascending.
Palin is the candidate with the most crossover appeal between groups. She can talk to the tea partiers, the radicals -- even the nearly extinct moderates.
hen scripted, she can be rather convincing, especially compared to other candidates. The others are too drab -- in policy, in convictions, in media smarts. They just can't compete with her star power. From here, 2012 looks like a slam-dunk for Sarah "

Romney/Bachman 2012 "Fake/Flake" (Polling Insider) Oh My ! Palin Watches Other Campaigns Disintegrate

My goodness-following on from the now famous/infamous-depending on your point of view question from Fox's Chris Wallace to Michele Bachman "Are you a flake?" (for which he has subsequently apologized for) it seems that his question has not only gone viral but has set the scene for a Bachman campaign derailment better than the Dem's could ever do. This especially as it comes from Fox.

This, allied with Palin's upcoming visit to Iowa, just after Bachman's official campaign launch there, shows the vicissitudes of election campaigns and how the sheep are separated from the goats. 

By staying out of the fray, so far, Palin has seen such derailments for candidate after candidate, with Cain now sinking in the polls.

An Orriel Smith Weekend Song Extravanganza

Weekend Orriel Smith song-fest to celebrate the release of her new CD "A Voice Forever in the Wind"
For those who have never had the pleasure of hearing Orriel's stunningly pure and high soprano voice here are four representative tracks from her career to date.

A full biography and discography and a link to her new CD with purchasable songs is at this link

Hootenanny 1964. Mike Settle intro;

From the "A Voice In the Wind" Album 1964

From the "A Voice In The Wind" album

From "Shindig" 1964 (Second song in after Russ Titleman)

From New CD "A Voice Forever In The Wind" 2011

My privilege has been to make a visit to meet the diva herself in California and to participate in the gestation of the new CD- a toehold on immortality !

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Why A Romney Candidacy Is Obama's Best Re-election Hope

Or Jon Huntsman. Huntsman stated yesterday that he didn't think his Mormon religion would be an election issue;

RENO, Nev. - Former Utah Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman campaigned in neighboring Nevada on Friday, saying he doesn't believe his Mormon faith will be an issue in his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.
"Nor should it be," Huntsman told reporters in Reno. "I'm not running for guru here."
Romney also is Mormon. So is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who said earlier this week he'd pick Huntsman over Romney if he had to. Polls show many voters have reservations about electing a Mormon president."
Given that the economy is still in bad shape in election year 2012 President Obama would be on very weak ground in having to defend his record. Even given his abundant financial resources, the "bully pulpit" and prestige of the presidency if the economy, and especially unemployment, has tanked, then holding office is no guarantor of re-election (see Presidents G.W.H. Bush and Carter for example).

Therefore anything that can deflect from the economic debate can only assist as a fence cover over the issue, and of course the more sensational, acerbic and, most importantly, distant from the economy, the better for Obama. Nothing is more inclusive of those categories than religion, and no religion will undergo more sensational scrutinizing, suck up more oxygen, and deflect from the major economic issues than Mormonism.

Nothing could make this clearer than for Huntsman to have to address the issue almost immediately upon declaring his candidacy. Nothing could make this clearer than for his addressing the issue being the headline article in media across America. Nothing could make this clearer than the fact that, according to Gallup, the amount of voters who state they will not vote for a Mormon has, after declining from Romney's last campaign, shot up 29%-and that is even before the issue has received a millionth of the airing it would get if Romney or Huntsman got the GOP candidacy.

There has been a small indication of what might eventuate from even this lowly blog. I set out my personal opinion of how I might vote if Romney was the GOP candidate wherein I indicated, as the core of the matter for me; 
"I am certain That Mitt Romney has a belief in his Mormon faith that is deeply held and sincere. It, his faith, is a mark of his character which I applaud and respect.
It appears to me that he, through his faith holds to ideals of peace, love and humanity. Indeed, I have never met a person of the Mormon faith whom I did not find anything but pleasant, especially at a number of inter-faith meetings I have attended at the Church of Latter Day Saints temples from time to time.

Thus for Romney to hold, as I am sure he sincerely does, to the purported historic roots of the Mormon faith shows that, to me at least, he has thought processes that are a significant aspect of his personality that are questionable in respect of wider views he might hold now or in the future.These include concepts which, again to me, are are totally divorced from reality. I would not look to a candidate for president to have, again as a major aspect of his very being, this sort of mindset. Simply put, if non-rationality at this core level can be accepted and acted on then what other non-rationality can also be accepted and acted on?

Subsequent to this an intellectual, pan-spiritual website Patheos, ran an article "A vote for Romney is a vote for the LDS church" which commenced the Romney faith controversy, thankfully from a high toned level which will not, I am certain, be the norm in months to come. Which article I answered as missing the point, stating a Romney campaign was not about the LDS but was about qualities of leadership.

The main thrust of my argument, in italics above, was picked up by a subsequent Patheos writer and his article generated a substantial response, some of much length and detail, relating to numerous aspects of the Mormon faith-some ridiculing it, some defending it, some dismissing its influence on the campaign and on the candidates who hold it. 

The point being that even at this obscure level of debate the mere mention of the subject is enough to get keyboards clacking, whilst the major issue of President Obama's fitness for a second term, based on the results of his economic management, goes by the board.

If anyone thinks that the Mormon faith does not hold tenets which are considered controversial, or in fact in total contradiction to the mainstream flow of traditional Christianity then this article (which I make no judgement about) will quickly disabuse them.There is enough in just this one exposition of Mormonism to keep the blogosphere aflame for an election campaign.

To state that JFK's religion did not deflect from his campaign messaging is disingenuous-it quite possibly destroyed the campaign of his Catholic predecessor Al Smith. He most certainly had to address it and laid it to rest by his handling of it. However to compare Catholicism, which is after all, the largest Christian denomination in the world, and a substantial one in America, and is, more to the point, the founding faith of Christianity, to Mormonism, which is, relatively, a tiny sect which hold doctrines apparently in contradiction to both Catholicism and Protestantism is simply wrong.

In what might be a very close election contest to have the main issue lacking coverage because of intense debate of a peripheral issue, and to lose, on current polling, 22% of potential voters could be disastrous for the Republican campaign.

Palin's Favorable Ratings Rise An Astonishing 17 Points In Three Weeks

Reflecting a pattern of a seeming inexorable rise in Sarah Palin's polling over the last two months, which includes her having a higher favorability rating than Mitt Romney amongst GOP voters Palin's polling amongst all voters has shown a startling rise in June.

From a low of 21% on June 7th in the CBS poll Palin has had an astonishing 17 point rise to 38% favorable in the just released AP-GfK poll amongst voters who expressed a preference. If Palin declares her candidacy and has the opportunity of presenting herself-to the public, unencumbered by the leftist media's lens, her favorables are certain to rise further as the undecided voters have the opportunity to choose her based on her unvarnished message

Now on Facebook;

Candidates T-Shirt Sales Predicted Last Three Presidents-Palin Garnering 66% Of Theme Merchandise Sales

Illinois Review

Has this fascinating article of predicable popular culture


PalinbagIf T-shirt and presidential product sales predict the future in American politics, 2012 will be a Palin vs. Obama race. CafePress writes:
The people have spoken and they want to see a Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama showdown in the 2012 election. Although Palin’s Republican peers Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and now Jon Huntsman have officially declared their candidacy, the American public is throwing their support behind “Mama Grizzly” for the 2012 Election – on T-shirts that is.
It may be 503 days away, but politically-minded citizens have already designed over 500,000 presidential election products on CafePress, the go-to site for customizable merchandise (think “royal wedding crasher” and “Weinergate” tees). 
  • CafePressgraph o Sarah Palin has yet to declare her candidacy, but Palin-themed merchandise already makes up a whopping 66 percent of Obama challenger sales and 34 percent of all 2012 election product sales.
  • Mitt Romney made it official several weeks ago but his product sales make up a small percentage of Obama’s challengers at 3 percent of election product sales.
  • Michele Bachmann is also in Palin’s shadow, with products contributing to only 1 percent of election product sales.
Since CafePress has seen its T-shirt sales predict the winner of the previous three presidential elections, it’s clear that these Republican contenders have their work cut out for them. Plus, one to watch: will Robert Burck, a.k.a. the ‘Naked Cowboy’, be able to bring his Time Square following with him all the way to the 2012 Inauguration?

Michele Obama Thanks Media For Leaving Her Kids Alone-No Mention Of The Media Viciously Attacking Palin's

CNN reporter: “How’s the family ready for this [the election]? It’s going to be quite vicious, isn’t it? How do you prepare for that?”
First Lady Michelle Obama: “You know, it’s … we’re ready, you know. Our children, you know, could care less about what we’re doing. We work hard to do that. Fortunately we have help from the media. I have to say this: I’m very grateful for the support and kindness that we’ve gotten. People have respected their privacy and in that way, I think, you know, no matter what people may feel about my husband’s policies or what have you, they care about children and that’s been good to see.
An absolute classic example of the media protecting the Obama's but having the Palin's as fair game to tear to shreds like a pack of vicious dogs over a kill.
Just two examples-of hundreds if not thousands:

Liberals Hit Vilest Level With Disgusting "Trig's Birthday" Attack On Innocent Child


Attacks On Palin's Children Continue.UK's Guardian Rips Into 10 Year Old Piper

With special thanks to Gateway Pundit for the article and links

With special thanks to Politicons for  the article and link

Friday, June 24, 2011

Advertisers Creeping Back On Wonkette-Renew The Mass Email Campaign Against Them

After Wonkette's disastrous campaign of Trig bashing, which subsequently saw the departure of an "editorial" (sic) writer and 
43 advertisers, due to public pressure on them, and, after much equivocating, an abject apology by the site, Wonkette has retuned to its old ways.

Going beyond the juvenile attempts at "satire' and their slavish lickspittle defense of the Democrats, they have, whilst continuing to bash any conservative, particularly Sarah Palin, found a new target in Michele Bachman to vilify, especially in imagery, that goes beyond any acceptable level of political cut and thrust.

Here is the image they chose to create for an article entitled "Michele Bachman Nearly Eaten By lesbians In 2005"

Whilst I am no fan of Bachman, she deserves, in the name of common human decency-something that Wonkette has no association with-the same support as Trig received for this disgusting level of personal attack and utter vilification. 

As Palin's supporters did, aided by numerous people of ethics across the political spectrum, the new advertisers on Wonkette should be contacted with a mass campaign pointing out that Wonkette has not changed one jot, and asking should they, the advertisers, wish to be associated with such a execrable site.

Lest anyone complain that this call is somehow a restriction on free speech which the "progressive" left would never undertake, let me remind them of their mass campaign to get advertisers to leave Glen Beck's program.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New AP/Gfk Poll; Palin Rates Higher Than Romney And Gains Net. 6 Points in One Month

The just announced Associated Press/Gfk Poll shows the continued rise in support for Sarah Palin. Palin polls higher than Mitt Romney for favorability, who leads the pack of announced candidates, amongst Republicans.

"_Republicans still give Romney the highest favorability rating among announced candidates, at 61 percent. Palin, who's keeping everyone guessing about her intentions, is holding steady, too, with a 63 percent favorability rating."

Amongst "likely voters" Palin's ratings continue to show improvement with a net gain of six points from May to June with her unfavorables showing a significant drop from 59% to 55% and a concomitant rise in her favorables to 38%.

This poll is just one is a recent series which, taken overall, show a steady rise in support for Palin.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hillary-A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

With President Obama coming under attack from-of all people Al Gore, with the Fed now admitting the economy is hitting, what the president described, before hitting the golf links, as "headwinds", whilst 9.1% of Americans are out of work, with many, especially in the Black community who put so much faith in candidate Obama, for a long time, the Washington Post asks the key 2012 question.

Chris Cillizza at Washpo's The Fix states the obvious in respect to how, given the current economic circumstances, President Obama will deal with the Reagan/Carter question "are you better off than you were four years ago?" There are not many options really. 

Obama can state that things would have been a lot worse if he hadn't been elected, which is of course debatable, but may not wash with those on food stamps. He could try and blame the Bush administration, but that shipped sailed in the 2010 elections, or he could find some statistics, which is always an option as 'there are lies, damn lies and statistics" which point to a nascent trending recovery which will be jeopardized "unless I am re-elected." Good luck with that.

What makes the Reagan question even more dangerous for President Obama's re-election chances is, that although the economy under Carter was indeed suffering a "malaise" and inflation was high, the unemployment rate, and feeling of economic malaise (as opposed to foreign policy malaise) was nowhere as bad as it is now-and we saw what happened to Carter's re-election chances.

Clearly, as Cillizza  points out-unless, as happened with Reagan's re-election, there are clear and unmistakeable "morning in America" signs of economic recovery, Obama will most likely suffer the same fate as Carter did when the Reagan question is trotted out again.

A response to the Cillizza column pleads for Hillary Clinton to mount a challenge to the president.
"Hillary Clinton should resign from the BO administration and provide the country with an acceptable alternative to BO. We cannot afford another Obama term of unconscionable ineptitude."

This is of course not unprecedented, as it is exactly what Ted Kennedy did to Carter under similar economic conditions. Accusations of disloyalty would not be a problem as she has served in her post in an honorable (especially as she has handed in her notice) and supportive fashion (as has Huntsman, a GOP challenger from Obama's administration for example). She can offer  a clear exposition of what she presented as an alternative management style in 2008, and what she would do differently going forwards.

The Republican contenders are busy differentiating themselves from each other as a major focus, whereas Clinton can disregard that aspect and mount a positive campaign, free of personal attacks and fully engaged with the matter at hand-America's economic plight. She would not be mounting a "vanity" campaign and if she did run on economics she would not be accused of running a 'sour grapes" vendetta.

There are no doubt millions of Democrats who would immediately jump to her side, the various Hillary PUMA bloggers, who are still  very much extant, would jump for joy at the chance to crank up their support. The Los Angeles Times has already run an opinion piece supporting the concept "Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012"

But most of all a Clinton challenge would give the American public an avenue to hear an economic alternative free from the Dem/Rep partisanship which automatically dismisses anything from the other side. If she ran, for the good of America, the Democrats and the administration would have to look deep inside themselves to see what they could do better-which would be better for everyone, no matter which party they support.

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