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Sarah Palin “Mother and Conscience of the Nation”

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Governor Palin is the very definition of protean: “versatile” “mutable” “capable of assuming many forms”…. “Protean” has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility, and adaptability.”

If Palin had been a Democratic party star, her rise from the most obscure and humble of beginnings would be more than the subject of legend it would be raised to the status of paean, panegyric and hagiography.

Instead of recruiting the assistance of the Hollywood left to create a distorted, cartoon character of “Palin” in the hit job movie “Game Change” if Palin had been the Dem’s VP nominee, in a brave but losing cause (trying to support up a McCain like figure whose campaign was beset by financial collapse) instead of a second tier actress like Julianne Moore, a Meryl Streep would have been cast as the heroine.

There would seem to be nothing more unlikely to have ever happened in political life than the small town wife of an oil fields worker in the farthest remove possible location from the power structure in D.C. could become the vice-presidential candidate for a major party. Then, through her sheer force of personality, tied to an unparalleled record of accomplishment in government, lift a losing campaign into the lead until outside economic forces made any further progress impossible.

Palin’s protean history is well known. Wife and Mother, then PTA President to Mayor, to Oil & Gas Commission Chairman, to the most popular Governor in America, to star of various television programs. TV pundit, massively successful author, having a mass social media following in the millions.

At the same time a Wife and Mother of five, including a special needs child. Her political power, no matter how much the media wishes to write her off as “irrelevant,” has been at its zenith with Congress being slowly but surely populated with her endorsed candidates. In the 2014 mid-terms, 21 of her 23 endorsed candidates were elected, a number of whom owe their primary wins to her support

This is, to any fair minded person who can lay down their political bias for even a moment, an outstanding list of accomplishment, achieved by the bootstrap method, with none of the massive financial backing and media slavishness that others have had-quite the reverse of course.

In recent times Palin appears to have thrown off the happy go lucky persona that was so evident in her “Amazing America” and “Sportsman Chanel” outdoorsy shows. Her latest television appearances have shown a deadly serious, fact presenting, and cogent Palin. This is much to the distress of her critics who have seen the “dumb” meme destroyed with the subject matter discussed in a powerfully and deeply sincere and “gaff free” manner.

What appears to have wrought this “new’ Palin is a subject that appears to be close to her heart and which she, with her son Trig standing as a foremost example, has “walked the walk” and that is the protection of the unborn.
Governor Palin has embarked on a crusade of the highest moral and ethical character in her bringing to as many as possible of the wider public the abortion practices of Planned parenthood.

Whilst the MSM has, for the most part studiously ignored the issue, as they did with the abortionist Gosnell, Palin has brought it front and center to millions through her Facebook and Twitter outlets and latterly on Fox television.
It is notable that leading the Congressional fight to defund PP are Senators Fischer and Ernst who owe their careers in whole, or in part, to her endorsement.

It may be that Governor Palin will not seek elective office in the foreseeable future and, rather, use her formidable endorsement power to propel the candidate of her choice to the Republican nomination and the presidency.

If that were to be the case it may be considered that she has chosen an office far above the maximum of 8 years of the presidency to one that has its base in immortality and that is the crusade to save the lives and potential of the unborn. It may be that if this is her path, countless generations will owe their very existence to her work, and the work of those she enthuses in the cause, as well as the work of those who have, and are now, laboring in this field of righteousness.

When considering her own political future at its lowest point Palin said “you don’t need a title to make a difference.” That may be so in the political field she has so far traversed, but in the far greater field of humanity, saving the innocent and imbuing a corrupted moral culture with a return to sanity and ethical values, Palin can be well considered to have gained the title “Mother and Conscience of the Nation”

With thanks To ‘Conservatives for Palin‘ here are the links to Governor Palin’s massive, tireless, personal campaign on behalf of the unborn and against the horrific practice of “partial birth abortion”:
-Thank you, Senators Deb Fischer & Joni Ernst, for leading the fight in the U.S. Senate to…
July 30th
-Help elect more leaders committed to #DefundPlannedParenthood by clicking here:
July 30th
-Why does Planned Parenthood target minorities? Why are 80% of Planned Parenthood shops set up in minority:
July 29, 2015 6:44 PM
-Joining The O’Reilly Factor tonight on FOX News at 8:00 PM #DefundPlannedParenthood. If you agree that:
July 29, 2015 3:48 PM
-Obama Calls Y’all Crazy, America. Says Americans Having Guns is Worse Than Islamic Terrorism. WTH??:
July 29, 2015 2:52 PM
July 27, 2015 5:48 PM
July 27, 2015 2:09 AM
July 26, 2015 5:53 PM
July 26, 2015 3:36 PM
July 26, 2015 1:30 AM
Mr. Sheppard is the proprietor of the blogs Point Of View and Palin4President 2016. He also writes occasionally for American Thinker and is a man of refined taste. Follow him on Twitter: @MJosephSheppard.

Satire Site Runs Most Ridiculous "Comment By Palin" Yet & Lib's Fall For It

The satire site Newslo ran its most preposterous Sarah Palin "story" to date-and there have been some doozies From "Snopes"  rumor buster site

  "Sarah Palin said that abolishing slavery enabled President Obama's election and worried that immigration reform would lead to a Hispanic president."

 "Sarah Palin said Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may have disappeared "because it mistakenly flew too high and ended up in heaven." 

"The former 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate’s sudden concern for the lives of the black community across America can be said to be somewhat surprising, since she has, on several previous occasions, called for the re-introduction of voluntary slavery"

But this one takes the cake.

It is hard to believe that there are people who are either so low-information, blinded by hate against Palin that they can't see straight or are just plain dumb that they would fall for such an obvious satire-but, as in the past they do. Newslo even sets out on the site that stories are pure fabrications;

"JUST ENOUGH NEWS… Newslo is the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web. Readers come to us for a unique brand of entertainment and information that is enhanced by features like our fact-button, which allows readers to find what is fact and what is satire."

Here are some people who have tweeted about the "article" and a made up quote that isn't in the article

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Brilliant Insights From;'HillaryIs44' "Donald Trump Can Win It All And Restart Republican Party! "

I've said many times before that I respect and admire the writer at "Hillaryis44" for her insights, fair, but tough mindedness and, which is most unusual, to criticize the person, Hillary Clinton, whom the Blog is devoted to, in a constructive manner when the writer feels it necessary. 

The writer has an outstanding piece on Donald Trump which covers all the bases. Trump is described as not only a threat to all the other GOP candidates, to the media and, perhaps alone of commentators, a genuine Electoral College threat to Hillary. 

There are too many insights for me to cut and paste, so I have here the starting paragraphs from a long, factual. and deeply insightful article. I commend the reader to go to the site for the entire piece, and a number of others of an equal standard. MJS

#Hillary2016 Beware: Donald Trump Can Win It All And Restart Republican Party! – Plus: Cruz Fail; Biden Fail; Saint Bernard Fail

Update: The “ignore Trump” strategy which replaced the “attack Trump” strategy means these two new national polls will be either underplayed or not reported. Reuters/Ipsos #1 Trump at 24.9% followed by Bush at 12.Quinnipiac #1 Trump 20%, Walker 13%, Bush 10%.
Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.
Hillary2016 is all giggles at the thought of GOP Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. This is foolishness. There should be terror at the very thought of even the possibility of Donald J. Trump as the GOP nominee on the part of Hillary2016. Donald J. Trump as the GOP nominee means a revitalized GOP as the party of reform to “Make America Great Again.”
Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee is no longer a “nah, can’t ever happen” nor a “not likely.” Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee is more like “yeah, it’s the likely future.”
Consider: In the latest Iowa poll, Trump is shy of the #1 position by 2 measly points. Scott Walker, the governor of the neighboring state of Wisconsin based his campaign on an Iowa win and for a long time Walker has been the clear frontrunner in Iowa well ahead of every other candidate. Walker hoped to springboard from an Iowa win to a New Hampshire win and as the candidate who was seen as everybody’s second choice and the candidate acceptable to all wings of the intra-warring party Walker’s path to victory was clear. Then Walker (and one of his donors as well) attacked Trump and Trump counterattacked. Now Walker has Trump about to trump him in Iowa. If Walker loses Iowa – lights out for Walker2016. Trump then gets the Walker voters or a large percentage.
Consider: In the latest New Hampshire poll, Trump is #1 with double the support of #2 Jeb Bush. If Trump wins Iowa then New Hampshire he can leverage those wins to unify the anti-establishment vote to defeat Lindsey Graham in his home state of South Carolina. These victories would knock out Graham, Pataki, Carson, Christie, and all those who based their strategy on winning New Hampshire. Trump would get the bulk of those voters. Then the fourth state to vote, Nevada, is another state with Trump at #1 so Trump can conceivably win the first four voting states. Then imagine if Trump decides to compete in the winner-take-all Florida primary which up to now is seen as an expensive fight between only Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, with the loser forced to withdraw from the race. From his properties in Florida and his frequent visits to the Sunshine State Trump could run in Florida and finish off both Bush and Rubio with one stroke sending them both into oblivion and therefore – presidential nominee Trump.
Is the above scenario nuts? Can Trump win? For once in his life left wing kook Tommy Christopher has stumbled into reality and issues a stark warning to Hillary2016 and the Republican establishment:
Republican strategists are consoling themselves by alternately insisting that Trump will exit the race when he loses in Iowa (where he’s currently almost in the lead), and that his stands on issues will trip him up once the debates begin. Even with Trump so clearly in the lead, the media have the nerve to fret about a Trump third-party run. The day will come when they’ll be begging Jeb Bush to mount a third-party run against Trump.
What they’re all missing is that Trump is immune to all of the things they think will take him out. [snip]
If you thought Trump relished that opportunity, wait until the primetime debate on Fox News next week. Anyone who thinks that Chris Christie or Rick Perry are going to put a dent in Trump needs to have their head examined. [snip]
The current theory is that as the field narrows, Trump will hit his ceiling, but when your lesser-polling candidates start dropping out, is their support going to go to candidates who can’t stand up to the guy who’s not even supposed to have a chance? Even if they disagree with Trump on the issues, Republican voters aren’t going to vote for a wuss. As long as he continues to get the privilege of busting these guys up in debates, and enjoying non-stop free publicity, Trump will continue to gain support.
Liberals and Democrats, meanwhile, are laughing all the way to the Whole Foods at the prospect of a Trump general election candidacy, but if you accept the possibility of a Trump nomination, then you dismiss his general election chances at your peril.Assuming that Hillary Clinton is the nominee (which she will be), Trump will head into the general election with the same attack-dog skills and media attention that he had in the primaries, but with the additional benefit of a clean slate on the issues. While the Clinton-hating media continues to attack Hillary with stories that don’tactually add up, don’t be surprised to see Trump outflank Hillary by, say, proposing instant citizenship to go along with his Mexican-proof fence. Once he’s got the GOP nod, The Donald can freestyle on the issues like it’s 8 Mile Road up in here.
While Trump is busy collecting Republican voters, who will turn out no matter what in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, Hillary will be turning out the Obama coalition that helped President Obama win twice, but might not be turning out the bitterly defeated Sanders/Warren wing. Then, your election will be decided by the handful of soft-headed “independents” who always decide things, and who are relentlessly being told that they can’t trust Hillary ClintonOther than that bit about a Trump turnaround on illegal immigration Tommy Christopher surprisingly gets it right. Repeat: Donald J. Trump is running a real HOPE AND CHANGE campaign with unceasing attacks on the political establishment of the country which includes both parties, Big Media, lobbyists, special interests, unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the regulatory bureaucratic state, and all those who encourage or feed upon this gargantuan power structure – which is what makes Trump so difficult to destroy.

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Updated; Now 15! "The Ten Stages Of The Media's Trump Memes From "He Won't Run To Ummm"

 We've seen over the last few weeks

1.Trump won't run-it's a publicity 

2.OK Trump has announced but he will 
pull out soon

3.OK trump hasn't pulled out but he's 
not serious as he hasn't filed

4.OK he filed but he will never release his financial position

5.OK he released his financial position but he will go nowhere in the polls

6. OK he's leading in the polls but his McCain remarks means he's finished

7.OK the McCain remarks didn't' hurt 
him but he will never pass Bush in the nationwide polls'

8.OK he's now number one in the polls nationwide and in New Hampshire but it won;t last

9. The "rape/breast pump etc etc scandals will destroy him

10. Ummmmm


UPDATE;From Breitbart the usual suspects :insiders" add four more memes.(H/T Mr.Cornelius Korn)

11.“No meteor or political candidate burns that brightly and survives very long.”

12.“Unscripted, he will crash and burn by Thanksgiving.”

13.“Flavor of the month.”

14.“Campaign will probably die of a self-inflicted wound.”


Politico's Roger Simon Leads Dying Media's Trump Circular Firing Squad

I've written about the initial scoffing arrogance of the media to the Trump candidacy on a number of occasions. The first was a partial list of some whose cloudy crystal ball advised that Trump "would never run, it's just a publicity stunt" or variations of the theme.

Then an analysis of the various steps from disdain, to grudging acceptance (the facts of Trumps polling couldn't be dismissed) that Trump was A. running B. did file C.did release his income statistics which bore out his previous statements on his wealth. D. Was serious as his campaign has cost him major business losses.

What has happened now in the face of reality is that two new phases have commenced in the media. The first is an attempt to understand why Trump is doing so well, and the second is those who didn't join the rush to condemn Trump straight away, are now attacking their colleagues who did, in a show of superiority it seems.

A common thread runs through nearly all the "how has this happened" articles. This is that Trump is variously "a buffoon, a fool a showman of the lowest order" and etc. However, the great unwashed, who are really very dim it seems, find a resonance with Trump's "platitudes and idiotic populism mixed with racism."

 And, "yes Trump is leading in the polls but it won't last, or if it does, it won't last long  and will surely, at some unspecified time will collapse"The New York Times Nate Cohn has a classic weather vane piece which gives every possible time frame collapse permutation.

Politico's Roger Simon commences the circular firing squad by lampooning as many if his fellow scribblers as he can fit into one article. He quotes from posts attacking Trump at The Wall Street Journal, Des Moines Register, Charles Krauthammer from Fox and The Huffington Post with relish. You can read his cackling tripe at the link below if you have the stomach for pomposity and arrogance.

After excoriating the media  for their getting it wrong on Trump he concludes; "I think Trump is flawed on many counts. But I don’t think he has “coarsened our political dialogue and cheapened the electoral process.” I think it was coarse and cheap by the time Trump got here"

An utterly classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Simon's own column is a coarse and cheap laugh fest at his "profession." Here's an earlier quote about Sarah Palin from Simon which shows what he considers as measured, balanced, and not coarse, disdainful, dismissive and cheap political writing

"The GOP angel of death." "In any case, she has now gone from a hopeless candidate to a laughably hopeless candidate. The media will never take her seriously again. The Grim Reaper has done its job."

What all these Beltway, elitist, Establishment,"progressive" writers in the end of the line old time media can't grasp is that a significant part of Trump's rise is due to them. 

The public, especially the flyover country "bitter clingers" whom the media so look down on, are utterly fed up with the distorted arrogant tripe being rammed down their throats by an obviously biased media. Thus they see in Trump someone who can fight back for them.

Trump can't be bought, owned, bought off and doesn't give a damn about a media who have been rendered impotent by his campaign. Simon and ilk in their arrogance and ridiculous attacks on Trump (years ago divorce "rape" scandal/"breast pump "scandal"/"connection to murderers scandal") are hastening their own end. 

If Trump does nothing else but to push that devoutly to be wished consummation he will most certainly be the "hero" that Palin described him as.

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32 Million Reasons Why Dem's & Media Are In A Death Spiral (Gone West)

+32,322,199 people, (by 7/28/15) that is 10% of the entire population of the United States of America, have viewed this video of former Congressman Allen West's 7 minute address about the Iran Treaty in Times Square in front of 10,000 people 7/22/15.

Put in another way that is around 25% of the 127 million adults who voted for President Obama and Governor Romney in 2012. The 32 million is just what has been viewed on West's Facebook page alone, and the massive number across all media is growing constantly.

It has been shared, at the above date/site by, 1,372,000 people and has had 507,000 comments. With all this the media coverage has been minimal. The first fifteen pages on Google searching for "Allen West Times Square" comes up with not a single "MSM" report, neither does a web search for the event for the New York Times and Washington Post.

'The Right Scoop/Daily Caller/Breitbart' et al sites gave it prominent coverage, as did many conservative bloggers and a few "progressive" haters, but for all intents and purposes, for the MSM it never happened. 

On the one hand the fact that West's address that could appeal to 25% of the voting population, but not be covered by the media is a good thing.

It shows how utterly out of touch the Beltway Establishment elite are and how utterly disconnected with political reality the so called political journalists (who got Trump's rise so hugely wrong) are. 

It also shows their utter disdain for the great mass of voters who are so completely fed up with the way the elite condescends to the "bitter clingers" that they are rallying en-mass to Trump who clearly states he is not beholden to the Washington mob. 

Further, and perhaps the best thing to come from this utter disdain, is that the media are digging their own graves as surely as if they had been handed control of a mechanical ditch digger instead of the usual shovel.

On the other hand it is a terrible indictment on the state of journalism that such an obviously massive response can go, deliberately in some cases and disdainfully in most, totally unreported on. If the 32,000,000 is any indication, which of course it is, that if things continue as they are under the Obama administration and his heir apparent Hillary, then the 2016 election will look like 1984's with the difference that only D.C. will be in the Dem's Electoral College total.

That is if any combination of Palin/Trump/West makes up the ticket. If the vote on offer is Clinton versus Bush, then either a nascent third party will garner a minimum of 20% or the turnout will be one of the lowest in history. Let's hope it is a genuinely populist ticket on offer from the GOP or they will seal their own doom along with what's left of the old-time media.

Mr. Obama, it's a damned stupid thing that you just did. And if people are upset about what I just said, I really don't care.
Posted by Allen West on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Transcript And Video;Fox "Political Insiders" say the GOP Nominee isn't in the Race Yet


Poll:Fox 'Political Insiders'Say GOP Nominee "Isn't In The Race Yet" Who Could It Be? Vote Here

Partial transcript of Fox News 'Political Insiders' 7/26/15
(My italics)

John LeBoutillier:  In January with the three of us here the issue came up "who would be the Establishment choice for the GOP"? There were three candidates we talked abut Bush, Romney and Christie. And I said, I remember, on the air I said to Doug  "by September we're going to be talking about different people, these guys ain't making it." 

Two of them, I mean Romney didn't run, Christie's going nowhere, probably won't, and Bush is static, he's not going up or down and Trump is dominating. What I think is happening here is I don't think the next president is in the race yet. I think this thing is all convulsed and going crazy, Trump is driving stuff and in the end it won't be any of the sixteen, and in the end it won't be Trump or any of the sixteen, and it will be someone we're not yet talking about"

Pat Caddell: "Could be"
John LeBoutillier:  "Could be"

Julie Banderas;"That's interesting, any ideas"?

John LeBoutillier: "Not yet"

Julie Banderas: Ok you're going to keep that to yourself"

Doug Schoen;"Here's the thing , Mitt Romney wants to comeback Julie, he's trying to play the role of the kingmaker who's there to pick up the pieces, but I think that what John is speaking to is a larger truth. 
There is so much anger in this electorate that what Pat has been talking about, the "Mr.Smith" candidacy, an independent has great appeal. The only thing the Democrats and Republicans agree on though, is the need to keep any voices that are not part of the system-out. When they break through like Trump has, you can see their appeal."

 Pat Caddell: "You can see the press going crazy. First they said "he shouldn't; be running because he's not serious, he won't, then they... Now they don't know what to do with him except to give him more and more coverage. 

But what is, as Doug said,  and what I believe very strongly, and something that John said, in a country, let me just explain, when a country where 75% of the American people believe its in decline, where 60% believe their children will not have, be given what they were given better than their parents, and when 85% of the people think basically the system is rigged you tell me which of these Republican candidates is even coming close to operating under that narrative? 

When someone does your going to see something even more powerful than Trump" 

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UPDATE;PALIN MASSIVE CHOICE Poll:Fox 'Political Insiders'Say GOP Nominee "Isn't In The Race Yet" Who Could It Be? Vote Here

FINAL POLL RESULTS; 207 genuine votes (1 vote per person saw Governor Palin with an overwhelming lead: Perhaps surprisingly Jon Huntsman was far and away the second choice from amongst the rest of the proposed candidates:

PALIN                     189 VOTES  91. 3%
HUNTSMAN          10  VOTES     4.8%
WEST                          2  VOTES     0.9%
RICE                            3  VOTES      1.4%
THUNE                       2  VOTES      0.9%
HALEY                        1   VOTE        0.4%

Fox News 'Political Insiders' panel; John LeBoutillier, Pat Caddell, and Doug Schoen discussed the GOP's 2016 presidential candidacy race and the consensus was that "none of the 16 candidates will be the nominee, the GOP nominee isn't in the race yet." Video and transcript at  THIS LINK:

NB: Troll votes will be discounted from the final totals to get the real percentages of genuine votes per person, so they are wasting  their time. Apologies for Haley misspelling.

If that were the case, and these are seasoned rational political analysts of major repute, it is worth canvassing as to who the missing candidate might be, who can reach Caddell's high standard of needed qualities.

 Here are some choices. The previous version had 2 votes for Secretary Rice, 2 for Governor Huntsman two for Senator Thune  2 for Fmr. Congressman West and 140 for Governor Palin which will be added to the totals for this new page.